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A Pro Active Approach Is Needed To Remain Safe In The Cyber World

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Interesting report:-

In a recent defense outlook report by Deloitte, it has been mentioned about the countries that more wealthy a country is, the more chances it is at risk of cyber-crimes. Countries like US, Japan, Britain, South Korea, and UAE are termed to be the most vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Hackers can even disturb the working of some of the bigger names in the market which include Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, eBay and the FBI.

Recent attacks on the federal government have exposed more than 4.2 million former and current employees. Cyber-crimes have been known to possess damaging effects trade, innovation, economic growth and competitiveness.

Need to be fully loaded:-

Business organizations whether small or large need to develop some plans and strategies to stay on the safe side. Although large organizations have their defense mechanisms fully loaded, it’s the smaller firms who are under more stress of being targeted by hackers due to shortage of security measures and staff and the fact that they can’t even hire the services of information security consulting firms.


These are some of the suggestion for small and medium enterprises to look into for making their networks safe against attacks and breaches

Biggest threat:-

Employees working in any organization are the biggest threats that invite cyber-attacks by their negligence. Make your employees well informed about the technology and show zero tolerance to negligence. It is important to update the employees about the latest trend of how hackers can make a feast of their dumbness.

Beware of phishing:-

Strictly force the employees not to go for any unknown emails and links. Most of the cases have showed that criminals get access to a network when an employee clicks on an unknown malicious link or opens an email from an unknown sender. Employees also don’t care about the passwords and this also makes the entrance of hackers in a specific system extremely easy.

Information Security Consulting

Stay in touch with the vendor:-

It is the need of the time to educate your employees that they stay alert to the latest scams. Senior personnel and IT managers also need to keep in touch with the person or company who set up the organization’s business server to make sure that precise and accurate safety measures are in place to fight the outside attacks.

Go for cloud:-

In modern times most of the medium and large enterprises opt for cloud based services to handle their information needs and to store data. It surely saves their time and money. Purchasing, managing and maintaining cloud technology may be costly for small businesses. But minimum monthly subscription charges can be availed and at the same time a competitive and effective level of computing can be done by using cloud. Stay safe by choosing the reputable and trust worthy companies.

Cloud Security

Consult with professionals:-

Migrating to firewalls and adding filters to a system that is insecure is like adding a padlock to a glass door. Hackers and criminals can find the access way easily. If anything serious happens or there are chances like it go for a reputable information security consulting firm. It is extremely difficult to search and locate where the problems lie so let the professionals do their job in fixing it. It remains the only way to make sure that your network and system are safe from attacks.

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