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A Top-Notch Security Operations Centre's Approach To Cyber Security

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Back in mid-December, 2017, the Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) developed a Dubai IoT security standard. This standard will ensure that certain basic security controls are always available following the deployment of new IoT devices and platforms. So, the information technology (IT) enterprise is consistently and constantly undergoing changes.

The security operation centres (SOCs) of today should have all the necessary elements in order to be capable of mounting a robust defense. These may include a wide range of advanced technologies to detect and prevent cyber security threats in their tracks. They should also have a workforce consisting of proficient IT professionals and a vast multitude of cyber intelligence reporting.

The odds are really not in favor of the defenders. A cybercriminal needs just one entryway to breach an enterprise’s cyber security, but an SOC team has to defend all potential entryways and vulnerabilities. Additionally, they also have to assess any damage that a cyber attack may have caused and get rid of any malicious remnants that they may have left behind. Cyber security UK-based experts admit that complete forcing a cybercriminal out of an enterprise system that has already been breached is not easy.

A Top-Notch Security Operations Centre's Approach To Cyber Security

Ultimately though, no matter what capabilities they offer or what their size, a security that incorporates the following into its approach to cyber security is more like to be effective.

  1. An SOC integrate functions, such as monitoring, detecting and responding to threatening cyber security incidents. This singular entity even engineers, operates, and maintains tools used to safeguard computer networks.
  2. An SOC should be equally agible and large in size to be able to effectively serve its purpose.
  3. There should be pertinent policies and procedures in place within an IT enterprise or organization that authorize an SOC to effectively implement the cyber security measures it deems necessary and sees fit.
  4. A security operation centre UK-based provider should emphasize on the activities that its centre accomplishes competently and effectively, while avoiding those it cannot.
  5. Instead of the quantity, a Security Operation Centre should focus on the quality of staff. The hired professionals should possess all the requisite hardware- and software-related skills necessary within the environment of the centre.
  6. The staff should also be very diligent when placing sensors and collecting data from them, so that signals are boosted and noise is reduced.
  7. They should also be able to be calm, determined and professional when responding to threatening cyber security incidents.


Thus, a security operation centre UK-based company is generally responsible for ensuring that any local IT enterprise there is fully operational, while also maintaining its uprightness and remaining confidential. However, along with an emphasis on technology, the SOCs in Dubai also need to start focusing more on appropriately addressing issues related to people and processes. For the utmost effectiveness, they must adopt a balanced approach.

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