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Cybercrimes! The Biggest Threat In This Era

The cyber crimes are increasing day by day. They have been causing huge problems for the businesses over the year. The information and the confidential secrets of every firm is always at stake of high risk. So on that part, we need to take serious steps to avoid such issues from occurring in our business structure. If we don’t do so; if not sooner, then later we might experience a devastating trouble because of it.

There are some reasons, why the information security Dubai is the important need of businesses in this era. Quite frankly, they are not one or two, but they are too many. We will discuss some reasons, which will significantly show you how the information loss threats had increased a lot with the passage of time.

Information Security

Amount Spent on IT Security

Let’s have a look at the survey conducted over the years about the money spent on a yearly basis for the purpose of IT security. In the year 2007, it was recorded to be the 8% of the business income. Whereas, when we look at that figure in the year 2017, it was recorded to be 14%. So you can see a significant rise in this regards and this all has increased rapidly because of the severe problems which these IT threats have been causing.

How IT network gets infected?

There is not only one way through which a business IT network is under the shadow of threats. But there are some really common paths through which they arrive and starts infecting.


A virus or a malware can enter your business via network through which you are receiving data packets and traffic. This is the main source which bring vulnerabilities.

Information Security Dubai


You often receive emails to keep your business going. The mails from clients and customers, but along them sometimes you also receive some spam and infected emails which become the main cause of virus transfer in your business network.

Removable Device

A removable device is really harmful. When you keep on attaching it to different systems, it sometimes brings a virus which results to be devastating for your business network.

It is really important in this era to secure IT network of a business with a solution like information security Dubai. This kind of solution will really be very beneficial for its cause and will keep it safe from any type of vulnerability.

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