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Effectiveness Of Penetration Testing Through Third Parties

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Organizations handling confidential data of customers are subject to employ third parties for pen-testing every year. This is a good idea to perform tests that require skilled talents with plenty of knowledge that an internal team do not have. External team is also a good option if an in-house security team is not capable to perform the test because of certain reasons.

The more you will put your eyes in your atmosphere, the more you will discover possible security issues. You can make it happen by rotating testing companies every time you intend to test your network. This way, you can bring an innovative perspective to your table and whilst overcome the possibility of overlooking a possible vulnerability by a satisfied firm.

The Testing Process:

By employing a penetration testing Dubai based firm who must be experienced enough may use a wide range of techniques. They will not only focus on the network and system testing, instead they will also put an eye on the web and other applications. According to latest studies, both network and application-focused pen-test is an ultimate solution to overcome data breaches and vulnerabilities.

The Testing Process | Penetration Testing Dubai

Reputable testing firm normally schedules the testing mechanism in a proper order. This is to ensure, that every single part of the network and application is analysed to ensure that there is no loophole locating. A common approach that third-party security testers usually follow is as under.


Reconnaissance is the phase where the security team focuses on collecting information, usually through online sources. They usually target Google queries, DNS along with WhoIs lookups to collect valuable information that can help them during later phases. Common collectable information includes unintentionally publication of sensitive data, names, usernames, DNS records and key phrases that might be used in passwords.

Scanning And Enumeration:

Scanning and enumeration is a thorough susceptibility scanning that investigates particular evidences of existing vulnerability both in every component of the system and network. This is normally performed by crawling through the website to analyse directory and site structure. The network is also scanned to find out opened IP addresses and TCP/IP ports.


Remote server-side exploitations are commonly used by third parties, however, managed security services Qatar utilize web application exploitations as well. This approach normally includes techniques like SQL injection and brute-force password predictions. These exploitation methods are used for gaining access to the system after susceptibilities identification.


Pen-test still continues even after gaining access to the system and network. After accessing the network, pen-testers allow pivoting that means starting a fresh source of attack on the recently targeted network. This is for the purpose to continue rescanning the system from a point that offer the best view of the network.

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