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How ELV Design Consultants Diminish Electric Mishaps?

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In today’s world which is looking to be more tech savvy and that too in spending much less energy the importance of separating the low voltage equipment from high voltage equipment and cabling is extremely necessary. The reason behind that is that,

“The equipment made for low voltage can create trouble for the whole system if it is suddenly loaded with high voltage. This can lead to the burning of different electric appliances and also can result in the electric shocks”.


The solution for this is a circuit that is separate from the ordinary circuit and which provides low voltage to the system so that a uniform low voltage is provided.

One of the main reasons that ELV design consultant Qatar, UAE and Oman based services are in high demand because this system is safe and low in cost and also saves energy which results in the cost effectiveness in the long run.

This is the main reason that security rooms nowadays prioritize the need of extra low voltage systems. Below are some of the benefits and reasons why this system is getting popular.

Advantages of extra low voltage:-

In any mishap happens like the power failure than it can be easily identified from the control panel. This is where the problem is and is easily solved.

Due to this targeted solving of problem on the spot minimizes the costs. Another thing that saves costs is the less wire used.

Whenever the system needs to be expanded it can be expanded by keeping the costs in range. The time needed for the expansion or setup is also very much low.

The trouble shooting of any problem is not difficult and the management of the whole system is also extremely easy.

First choice for security rooms:-

The reason why extra low voltage is the preferred choice in security rooms is that the power consumed doesn’t go beyond 120 volts DC and 50 volts AC. Not only it saves costs but any mishap caused by the shocks or any other reason are also negligible.

The connection risk with the wires that carry high voltage current is extremely low.

Two main services in control rooms:-

SIEM as a service is the first thing that is considered in the security control rooms and extra low voltage in the second one. The first mentioned service is necessary due to the fact that any event or one bit of information in the security control room isn’t compromised.

This term is the combination of two services which are “SIM security information management” and “SEM security event management”.

The dual functioning of these two combined facilities is that not only they provide safety and security to the internal network and information but they also don’t miss a second of the external security and events that happen externally and monitored on the CCTV cameras in the security room.

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