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System Susceptibility And Requirements For VAPT Testing

Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing Solution

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Misconfiguration and inappropriate programming are the two main causes for system’s exposure to security attacks. The default settings of different devices are not safe at all. Unless they are configured in an organized way, they can no more prevent the overall system from attacks.

Same is the case with programming practices. Sending a form’s data straight to the database is a major cause of SQL injection and manipulation attacks. Inadequate authentication for requests acceptance is also a major programming mistake that can cause system’s susceptibility by leaking secured information accidentally.

For preventing these susceptibilities to ensure the system is secured enough, VAPT Testing is performed. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are the two parts of such a testing operation. Both are performed thoroughly to ensure the safety and reliability of the network and overall system.

Vulnerability Assessment:

This is an organized and practical approach for security loopholes identification within a network or system. The main objective of a vulnerability assessment is to find out even a minor gap in the network. This is a scanning method either performed manually or with certain tools.

Vulnerability Assessment

Reports are normally produced as the outcome of vulnerability assessment. This is based on a categorized list of individual susceptibility showing. This output from vulnerability assessment is provided as an input for penetration.

This is a practice which is based on proof-of-concept. The main purpose of this test is to discover and exploit susceptibility. Confirmation of vulnerabilities existence is the key objective of penetration test along with maintaining the normal operation of the system when exploiting the vulnerability.

This is a disturbing process that can probably harm the system. Hence, the process is planned carefully. Unlike vulnerability test, the outcome of a penetration test is a proof validating the finding either in the form of a screenshot or log file.

Difference between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing:

Both of these testing processes of managed SIEM are different from each other in two aspects. Vulnerability assessment just demonstrates the immense of susceptibility. On the other hand, penetration testing specifies the behaviour of susceptibility that how much it is bad for a system.

Managed SIEM

Furthermore, a vulnerability assessment is performed normally with the help of automated tools. Penetration testing is performed manually, regardless of the susceptibility effectiveness. Both of these approaches together provide enhanced safety to secure networks and systems from external attacks.

There are two other terms associated with system security that must be understood to ethical hackers. False positive and false negative are the terms that demonstrate vulnerability within a system. A false positive is used for a reported vulnerability that doesn’t really exist. While false negative is used when vulnerability exists, but not reported yet.

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