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Why Designing An ELV System Is A Challenge?

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In the modern era, the construction industry has been developed dramatically. Innovations based on technology offerings are constantly implementing in the construction sector, time by time. In addition to use quality material to make a structure durable, ELV based solutions also stay the core requirements for building.

No matter what a structure is about, ELV systems are commonly used for different purposes. They are used within hotels, airports, offices and industrial areas commonly for entrance control and surveillance reasons.

An experienced ELV design consultant must be hired for designing the system to meet the expected outcome in a professional way.

ELV stands for Extra Low Voltage which is usually misinterpreted from electrical viewpoint. It is, in fact, a mixture of data and telephony for improved security. They also include a wide range of automation technologies which are essential for most of the modern construction projects. Based on such a complicated setup, ELV designing is a challenging task.

Why It Is So Much Challenging?

Designing an extra low voltage system is really a challenging task for construction designers. However, this is not the case with those having years of experience in extra low voltage operations. This is because the general construction related designers are not fully aware of technology concepts and technical nonsenses of these systems.

Why Designing An ELV System Is A Challenge? | ELV Design Consultant

Due to the absence of this much technical and technology concepts, the rest of building related designs are performed in-house with the help of internal experts. However, extra low voltage systems are usually designed with the help of professionals. They are mainly provided by security consulting companies.

Categories Of Extra Low Voltage Designers:

Designing an ELV system involve working with different technologies. That’s how; these systems are normally designed based on collaboration between different designers. All of them are professionals having expertise in a different technology.

Following are the categories of ELV designers.

Electrical Experts:​

These designers have an electrical background and work on the general block diagrams of the system. These designers usually do not have any idea of the rest of the technological features of the systems.

Information Technology Experts:

These are the experts with IT background and have a clear understanding of the technological features of a system. However, they can’t communicate these features in a common language to be understood to everyone in the construction industry.

Unified Experts:

These are experts having both an electrical and IT background. Based on such a combined expertise, they can appropriately design the ELV systems. They can understand the requirements and analyse that how they can best be fulfilled.

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